Take control of your asthma

Propeller makes it easy to track, understand and manage your asthma.
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How does Propeller work?

This is a Propeller sensor
Sensors attach to your inhalers
Propeller automatically records each puff and learns about your asthma
You get reminders and personalized support to keep you on track

Why use Propeller?


Learn about your triggers.

We help you connect the dots to help you determine what might be causing your symptoms.
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Get a daily Asthma Outlook.

Start your day right with a personalized forecast based on the air quality and weather near you.
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Never miss a dose again.

Reminders help you take your medication on time, which prevents flare-ups.
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Find a lost inhaler.

You can "ring" the sensor on a lost inhaler to help you locate it.
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Let's find the Propeller sensor that's right for you

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  • Asthma can make a lot of things in your life just a little more challenging. We all get busy and you can have a tendency to just deal with things being harder, but the weekly emails helped remind me to take some time to check in with myself to see how I was doing and actually focus on making sure I'm managing my asthma as well as I can be.

    Propeller member